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Register and deregister

11 July 2016


Who needs to apply to register

All controlling corporations that meet a threshold under the NGER scheme, must apply to be registered under section 12 of the NGER Act. Once the application is approved by the Clean Energy Regulator, the corporation's name, and other information, will be entered on the National Greenhouse and Energy Register.

You do not need to apply for registration each year. Once registered you will remain on the National Greenhouse and Energy Register until an application for deregistration has been received.

If you are issued with a Reporting Transfer Certificate and you were not already registered under the NGER Act, the Clean Energy Regulator will register the holder of the Reporting Transfer Certificate and will enter its name on the National Greenhouse and Energy Register when the Reporting Transfer Certificate is issued. The Reporting Transfer Certificate holder does not have to separately apply for registration under the NGER Act.

A group member that has agreed to take on its controlling corporation's reporting obligations under a section 22X agreement does not need to apply for registration.

When to register

Controlling corporations need to apply for registration by 31 August following the reporting year in which they first meet an NGER threshold. As the registration process may take some time, corporations are encouraged to apply for registration before the end of this deadline.

Reporting years under the NGER Scheme are the same as financial years—the first reporting period for controlling corporations was 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009. If you discover your corporation triggered a threshold in a past reporting period you are still obliged to register and report for that year, as well as any other years up to and including the current reporting year. Corporations only need to register once, and must report each year they remain registered.

How to register

If you have assessed that your controlling corporation has an obligation to register and report, you will need to download and complete the application for registration as a controlling corporation form via the Clean Energy Regulator Client Portal.

Note: If you are a responsible emitter under the safeguard mechanism, but not a controlling corporation, do not complete this form. A separate registration form for responsible emitters will be available.

​What information is required to register

You need to provide the following information to apply for NGER registration:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN) or identifyi​ng details, head office street address and head office postal address of the controlling corporation
  • first financial year in which​ a reporting threshold is met (e.g. 2008–09)
  • full name, email address, contact phone number and postal address of an executive officer and contact person of the controlling corporation, and
  • name and ABN (or identifying details) of each affected group member, if any (i.e. subsidiaries that is a member of the controlling corporation's group.


Once the completed registration application form is received by the Clean Energy Regulator, the application will be verified to ensure that all the necessary information is provided. Registration is complete when the controlling corporation's name is added to the National Greenhouse and Energy Register.

Once registration is complete, the executive officer an​d contact person nominated in the application for registration will be notified directly with login details to complete their report in the Emissions and Energy Reporting System (EERS).

Registered corporations must submit an annual report on the greenhouse gas emissions and energy production and consumption for facilities that are under its operational control, and under the operational control of members of its corporate group regardless of whether or not a threshold under the NGER Scheme has been met for that reporting year.


A corporation may apply to be deregistered providing it meets certain conditions. More information is provided in the documentasset:CER-DER-001 Application for deregistration

What next?

Before you report, you should be aware of the information provided on our Disclaimer, data disclosure, and privacy page.

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