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Gorgon Operations

Facility nameGorgon Operations
State of operationWA
Responsible emitterChevron Australia Pty Ltd
Responsible emitter ABN/ACN29 086 197 757
Date last updated01 November 2018
Baseline number in force25,038,132
Type of baseline in forceMulti-year monitoring period
Reported baseline start date (if applicable)-
Reported baseline number-
Calculated baseline start date (if applicable)1/07/2016
Calculated baseline end date (if applicable)30/06/2021
Calculated baseline number8,338,429
Eligibility criteria calculated baseline was made under (if applicable)New facility baseline
Multi-year monitoring period start date (if applicable)1/07/2017
Multi-year monitoring period end date (if applicable)30/06/2020
Grid-connected generator subject to the sectoral baselineNo
Emission reduction measures undertaken/to be undertaken at a facility (if applicable)
An assessment of technology approaches being applied across the LNG industry suggests there are some common approaches to plant design aimed at improving energy efficiency and minimising greenhouse gas emissions. These could be considered as representing currently applied best practice and have been incorporated into the Gorgon Project. These include:
  • capture of waste heat from gas turbine exhausts to provide process heat;
  • the use of boil-off gas compressors to recover boil-off gas during routine ship loading;
  • commitment to no routine flaring or venting other than that required to maintain safe and efficient operation of the facility;
  • use of activated-methyldiethanolamine for the removal of reservoir carbon dioxide;
  • use of dry compressor and hydrocarbon pump seals;
  • maximum practicable use of welded piping and the specification of high integrity valves.
The Gorgon Joint Venture provided a number of additional undertakings with respect to the management of greenhouse gas emissions. These include:
  • the design of the production facilities to incorporate additional controls to maximise energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions where reasonably practicable:
    • increasing the size of the LNG process trains to the maximum practical as this minimises thermal losses;
    • the use of hybrid electric/gas turbine drives on the LNG compressors to optimise gas turbine efficiency;
    • optimise waste heat recovery on the LNG compressor gas turbines to provide all routine process heat requirements;
    • the use of nitrogen end flash gas as fuel thereby avoiding the issue of methane carry over in the venting of nitrogen;
    • the use of internal floating roofs in the Condensate Tanks to minimise fugitive tank emissions;
    • locating a cold recovery heat exchanger on the overhead gas from the nitrogen removal column;
    • no perfluorocarbons are planned to be used in the gas processing facility.
  • Development of a project to inject the reservoir carbon dioxide extracted during the gas processing operations, into the Dupuy Formation;
  • investigation of potential synergies with existing Barrow Island operations;
  • developing operational and maintenance procedures with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Once the gas processing facility is operational, undertake energy optimisation studies in line with requirements in Chevron Australia's Operational Excellence Management System
2016-17 Baseline number8,338,429
2016-17 Type of baselineCalculated Baseline
2016-17 Reported covered emissions7,721,771
2016-17 Australian carbon credit units Issued0
2016-17 Australian carbon credit units surrendered0
2016-17 Net emissions number7,721,771
2016-17 Excess emissions situation start date (if applicable)-
2016-17 Excess emissions situation end date (if applicable)-
2016-17 Designated large facilityYes
The baseline emissions number in force applies as an aggregate amount across the entire multi-year monitoring period (2 or 3 years)

Details published date: 01 November 2018

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