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Participating in an auction

11 January 2017


To participate in an auction you must have completed auction qualification and auction registration.

We will confirm and publish each auction d​​ate and bidding window (that is the opening and closing time for receiving bids) at least ten weeks before an auction is due to occur.

Fifth Emissions Reduction Fund auction guidelines 

You should familiarise yourself with the documentasset:Guidelines for the fifth ERF auction​ before planning to participate in the auction​​.

​The auction format

The auction is a single-round, pay-as-bid, sealed-bid auction format.

Bids are sealed so that bidders will not see what others are bidding. If you are successful at the auction, you will be paid for the Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) you deliver under the contract at the price you bid at the auction.

Each bid made at an auction will relate to one or more projects registered for the Emissions Reduction Fund. If a bid is successful, the participant will automatically enter into a contract with the Clean Energy Regulator on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia covering the project(s) related to the bid. A participant making a successful bid will be paid the price under the contract that they bid.  If a project is not successful it can be rebid into a subsequent auction.

You must submit bids through the online bidding platform.​

If you register to participate in an auction, you will be provided with information about how to bid closer to the auction.  

Determining successful bids

The Clean Energy Regulator will select projects to contract with solely on the basis of the bid price. Participants with the most competitive prices will be successful.

To assess bids the Clean Energy Regulator will use a systematic tool to select value for money bids using parameters, including the benchmark price, determined before the auction.

We will engage an independent probity advisor to assess and report on the probity of the third Emissions Reduction Fund auction. The advisor will assess business processes, separation of roles and responsibilities, and confidentiality of information such as auction bids and abatement volumes.

Benchmark price

The Clean Energy Regulator will set a benchmark price for each auction. The benchmark price is the maximum amount we will pay for emissions reductions.

Any bid that is higher than the benchmark price for that auction will automatically be excluded from consideration at that auction.

Each auction will have a unique benchmark price which will not be disclosed.

Variable volume threshold

The Clean Energy Regulator will select abatement at an auction up to the point that allows the Clean Energy Regulator to select the combination of price and volume that offers the best balance between the principles of purchasing at the lowest cost and securing the highest volume. That point becomes the variable volume threshold for the auction. Further information is included in the guidelines for the fourth auction.

Auction guidelines

The Clean Energy Regulator will conduct auctions in accordance with auction guidelines.

Please note these guidelines have been updated since auction four​.

The documentasset: guidelines for the fifth ERF auction provides information about how the fourth auction will be conducted, including information on auction schedules, eligibility, bidding, suspension and cancellation, participant disqualification and information publication.

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