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Bidding at auction

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20 December 2019

Pilot: Option to Deliver contracts for Emissions Reduction Fund auctions

An Option to Deliver contract will be offered on a pilot basis for the tenth Emissions Reduction Fund auction on 25 and 26 March 2020. This option gives sellers the right, but not the obligation, to sell Australian carbon credit units to the Australian Government at a set price within a set timeframe.

Documentasset: New auction guidelines are now available for those interested in bidding for an Option to Deliver contract at auction. A new auction qualification form and an associated Code of Common Terms for this contract option will be made available shortly.

The existing Documentasset: Code of Common Terms – version 3 and Documentasset: auction guidelines remain in force for fixed delivery contracts.

For more information, see participating in an auction.

To bid at an auction you must have been approved at both the auction qualification and auction registration stages. If you have successfully registered to participate in an auction you will be provided with a unique code and information on how to submit your bid using the online auction bidding platform—AusTender. This information will include a pre-filled auction bid form.

A bid can only be submitted by the auction bidder identified at auction qualification. If you want to change who is able to bid at auction use the documentasset::Application to appoint, remove or vary the details of an authorised bidder.

If a bid is successful, the participant will automatically enter into a carbon abatement contract with the Clean Energy Regulator, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, covering the project(s) related to the bid.

Only one bid can be submitted during the auction window, and participants are not able to correct any errors. However, participants may withdraw their bids before the auction closes by using the bid withdrawal form, but will not be able to submit a new bid. The bid withdrawal form is available in AusTender during the auction.

Financial terms

When you place a bid at an auction, you set the financial terms of your contract. Placing a bid means you agree to these financial terms if you are successful at the auction, including the:

  • price to be paid per Kyoto Australian carbon credit unit
  • date of the auction participation, provided in the pre-filled auction bid form, and
  • date of contract (which will be the fifth business date after the auction date). This information is provided in the pre-filled auction bid form.

Determining successful bids

The Clean Energy Regulator selects projects to contract with solely on the basis of the price bid at the auction. Participants with the most competitive prices are successful. More information on the specific selection process is included in the auction guidelines.

We engage an independent probity advisor to assess and report on the probity of the Emissions Reduction Fund auctions. The advisor assesses business processes, separation of roles and responsibilities, and confidentiality of information such as auction bids and abatement volumes.

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