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Auction registration

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06 October 2016

​Important Information

The Clean Energy Regulator will hold the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction on Wednesday 16 November and Thursday 17 November 2016.

The documentasset:Guidelines for the fourth ERF auction provide information about how the fourth auction will be conducted.

For key dates for the upcoming auction see Planning for an auction.


Once you are qualified to take part in an Emissions Reduction Fund auction you must register to participate in each auction.

The auction registration process commits you to the delivery terms of the carbon abatement contract. During auction registration you will provide information about:

  • the total quantity of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) to be delivered under the contract
  • the delivery period (that is, the period over which you will deliver the abatement)
  • the dates that ACCUs are to be delivered (your delivery schedule), and
  • the quantity of ACCUS to be delivered by those dates.

You may also nominate an authorised bidder during auction registration.

We will not register a participant for an auction if:

  • a registration for the projects that will be bid at that auction already exists. Each project can only be bid once per auction.
  • the project will deliver less than 2 000 Australian carbon credit units per year on average over the term of the contract.
    • This does not apply to projects that were registered before 13 December 2014.

How do you complete auction registration?

You must submit an auction registration form for the auction that you wish to participate in. Auction registration must be submitted through the client portal.

When do you complete auction registration?

Your auction registration form must be received at least 5 business days before the date of the auction you are registering for. We will review the information you provide to us and notify you if you are registered to take part in the auction.

You can revise the information you provide in your auction registration up to 5 days before the auction. No revisions or registrations will be accepted after 5 days before the auction.

Nominating a delivery schedule

You will need to nominate a delivery schedule for the ACCUs you will earn from your project. The delivery schedule will require you to deliver a certain amount of ACCUs to the Clean Energy Regulator at nominated points in time.

The delivery schedule is binding. The contract does not allow you to vary the delivery schedule, except in the event of a delivery failure or force majeure. You may be able to vary your delivery schedule by completing a notice and providing it to the Clean Energy Regulator.

Authorised bidder

At the time that you register to participate in an auction, you must also nominate an authorised bidder(s) to submit an auction registration application and bid on your behalf.

The authorised bidder can bid at auction and complete future auction registration.

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