Issue of free carbon units

Carbon pricing mechanism repeal

The Clean Energy Act 2011 has been repealed. This abolishes the carbon pricing mechanism from 1 July 2014. Liable entities must still meet their carbon price obligations for the 2013-14 financial year.

Content on the Clean Energy Regulator website will be progressively updated to reflect these changes. More information can be found on the carbon pricing mechanism repeal page.

The Clean Energy Regulator provides assistance in the form of free carbon units to eligible coal-fired electricity generators through the Energy Security Fund.

This assistance aims to help affected coal-fired electricity generators adjust to the carbon price and move to cleaner technologies, while maintaining energy security in Australia.

The free carbon units are issued to eligible generators who:

  • were issued with a Certificate of Eligibility in 2012
  • pass an annual power system reliability test during each year that assistance is available, and
  • lodge a Clean Energy Investment Plan each year that assistance is available.

The recipient of the free carbon units can then determine how they use those carbon units.

The Clean Energy Regulator must publish information about the issue of free carbon units. The name of the person receiving the units, the total number of carbon units issued to them and the vintage year of the carbon units will be published.

A quarterly report of the total number of carbon units issued for eligible coal-fired generation complexes will also be published.

Downloadable versions of data table

Generation complex Recipient name Number of carbon units issued Vintage year of the carbon units
Alcoa Anglesea Power Station Alcoa Of Australia Limited 621 500 2013-14
Augusta Power Stations Alinta Energy CEA Pty Ltd 2 480 700 2013-14
Collinsville Power Station RATCH Australia Corporation Limited 363 700 2013-14
Energy Brix Australia Corporation Pty Ltd (EBAC) Energy Brix Australia Corporation Pty Ltd 1 156 100 2013-14
Hazelwood Power Station National Power Australia Investments Limited 11 088 800 2013-14
Loy Yang A Power Station Great Energy Alliance Corporation Pty Ltd 10 014 100 2013-14
Loy Yang B Power Station IPM Australia Limited 2 486 505 2013-14
Loy Yang B Power Station Gippsland Power Pty Ltd 2 388 995 2013-14
Redbank Power Station Redbank Project Pty Ltd 365 600 2013-14
Yallourn W Power Station EnergyAustralia Yallourn Pty Ltd 10 739 000 2013-14
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