Register of Offsets Projects

The Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011 (CFI Act) requires the Clean Energy Regulator to publish and maintain a web-based Register of Offsets Projects. An eligible offsets project is a project that involves activities that achieve greenhouse gas abatement and has been declared by the Clean Energy Regulator as an eligible offsets project under section 27 of the CFI Act.

The Register:

  • Lists certain information about each eligible offsets project (see section 168 of the CFI Act), including the number of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) issued.
  • Can be used by buyers who wish to identify possible sources of Australian carbon credit units.
  • Is a point of reference for people wanting to buy land that has a sequestration offsets project on it so they can factor into the sale price the potential costs and benefits of the project. This includes information on the type of project, the location, the number of Australian carbon credit units issued, whether any units have been relinquished or if that land has a carbon maintenance obligation in place.

Summary of Register updates

The following information is provided as a quick guide to updates to the Register, and is reviewed each time these updates take place. More detailed information about projects declared eligible by the Clean Energy Regulator, Australian carbon credits units issued and relinquished, can be found by accessing the downloadable data tables.

Register updates Total Since last update
Eligible Offsets Projects 178 0
Australian carbon credit units issued 10,542,003 136,725
Australian carbon credit units relinquished 22,941


Last updated 27 November 2014

Downloadable data tables

The information in the Register about a particular eligible offsets project could change at any time. A declaration that the project is an eligible offsets project might be varied or revoked by the Clean Energy Regulator in the circumstances specified by the CFI Act. For example, if the Clean Energy Regulator discovers that the information given by a person in connection with an eligible offsets project was false or misleading.​​​​​​​

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