Register of Offsets Projects definitions

These definitions support interpretation of the records within the Register of Offsets Projects​.

  • An assigned amount unit (AAU) means an assigned amount unit issued in accordance with the Kyoto rules.
  • A removal unit (RMU) means an RMU issued in accordance with the Kyoto rules. For more information about RMUs, see the Concise Description of Removal Units.
  • An emission reduction unit (ERU) means an ERU issued in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Kyoto rules. For more information about ERUs, see the Concise Description of Emission Reduction Units.
  • Project status refers to whether a declaration made under section 27 of the CFI Act is in effect or has been revoked.
  • A Joint Implementation Project refers to whether the project is being undertaken jointly between Australia and another developed country for the purpose of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Voluntary Automatic Unit Cancellation Regime: projects that elect this regime have any Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) issued immediately cancelled. This arrangement prevents proponents receiving both ACCUs and a separate payment for the same action to abate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carbon Maintenance Obligation (CMO): If land is subject to a CMO, a person must not do anything that results, or is likely to result, in a reduction in the carbon stores below the benchmark sequestration level unless the activity has been expressly permitted in the CMO declaration. The benchmark sequestration level is the amount of carbon sequestered in the area at the time the carbon maintenance obligation declaration is made. If there is a reduction below the benchmark sequestration level, the owner or occupier of the land must take all reasonable steps to ensure that carbon stores recover to the benchmark level. The CMO can be revoked once the requirement to relinquish ACCUs is met.
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