Carbon Farming Initiative

The Carbon Farming Initiative enables individuals and entities to earn Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) through activities that store carbon or reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the land.

ACCUs earned under the Carbon Farming Initiative can be sold to people and businesses wishing to offset liability under the carbon pricing mechanism or voluntarily offset their emissions.

There are different types of activities that can be conducted under the Carbon Farming Initiative. These fall into two categories – emissions avoidance, where greenhouse gas emissions are prevented from entering the atmosphere, and sequestration, where carbon is stored on the land.

The scope of emissions avoidance and sequestration activities​​ that may be eligible under the Carbon Farming Initiative is defined under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011. A methodology determination must also be in place for activities under the Carbon Farming Initiative, to be considered an eligible project by the Clean Energy Regulator.

See the five steps to participate in the Carbon Farming Initiative for more information on applying to join and conduct a project through to earning ACCUs and completing a project.

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New regulatory guidance assists proponents

Regulatory guidance clarifies elements of the CFI Act, Regulations and methodology determinations to assist project proponents and others such as auditors, in the conduct and reporting of a project. New guidance is now available for both sequestration and emissions avoidance projects.

Undertaking an environmental plantings project?

The Clean Energy Regulator has developed a number of resources to help people undertaking an environmental plantings project understand the project methodology, their obligations and how to participate in the carbon market.

New privacy laws take effect

Important changes to the Privacy Act 1988 commenced on 12 March 2014, including a new set of Australian Privacy Principles. The Clean Energy Regulator has updated its Privacy Policy in line with the new legislation and principles.