Step 3: Apply for approval of your Carbon Farming Initiative project

Changes to the Carbon Farming Initiative

The legislative rules governing the Carbon Farming Initiative have changed. The Carbon Farming Initiative has been integrated with the Emissions Reduction Fund from 12 December 2014.

Content on this website will be progressively updated to reflect these changes. More information can be found on the Emissions Reduction Fund and other schemes page.

5 steps to participate in the CFI Step 1: Plan a project Step 2: Apply to participate in the CFI Step 3: Apply for approval of your CFI project Step 4: Undertake your project - reporting and crediting Step 5: Participate in the market


You will need to apply to have your project declared as an eligible offsets project by completing the Application for declaration of an eligible offsets project form and attaching the relevant supporting documents and information. When applying for a project to be declared an eligible offsets project, you will need to demonstrate that the project meets the conditions of application and all eligibility criteria set out in the relevant methodology determination and other Carbon Farming Initiative legislation.

This page contains information about how to apply for an offsets project to be declared eligible under the Carbon Farming Initiative.

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