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Important agent warning – false installations

03 December 2018

The Clean Energy Regulator has identified registered renewable energy certificate agents creating small-scale technology certificates (STCs) for solar panel systems that have not been installed.

Current investigations

The Clean Energy Regulator is currently investigating the conduct of Mr Adam Shaw in relation to the improper creation of STCs and the provision of false or misleading information related to STC claims. Mr Shaw is suspected of using the following names and/or aliases:

  • Adam Smith
  • Richard McGregor
  • Adam Lopez, and
  • Abdel Boucetta.

Mr Shaw is also suspected as having involvement in or using the services of:

  • Sun Ray Energy (ABN 46 621 555 913 and ACN 621 555 913), a business of Charlie & Associates Pty Ltd
  • G’Day Solar Pty Ltd (ABN 91 622 555 266 and ACN 622 555 266), and
  • Sun Smart Energy Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 71 129 597 735 and ACN 129597735)

to arrange or facilitate the improper creation of STCs.

Outcomes for agents

In the course of our investigation, we have identified several agents who have created STCs in relation to solar panel systems that have not been installed. The agents have relied on information from Mr Shaw to create these STCs. The activity has already resulted in the suspension of two agents’ registration. Further suspensions may occur.

What to look out for

Consistent with our previous warning, agents that participate in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme should be aware of warning signs that the information they have received about solar panel system installations is false. These warning signs include:

  • the systems are predominantly located in rural areas
  • installation homeowners are unable to be contacted by telephone
  • the solar business providing the information was established recently (e.g. in the last 12 months), and has no or limited online or advertising presence
  • the location of the solar business providing the information cannot be easily or adequately verified
  • the managers and staff of the solar business providing the information are unwilling to engage in any face to face contact, and/or
  • neither the purported designer nor the installer can corroborate or provide proof of particular installations.

As a registered agent it is your ongoing responsibility to have rigorous processes, including identification checks to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate solar business and with the right person. This will help to ensure STCs are only created for eligible solar panel systems. This involves careful and thorough verification of claims made by solar businesses.

Failure to conduct appropriate checks and keep suitable records can expose an agent, and its executive officers, to the suspensions of an agent’s REC registry account and registration, the commencement of civil proceedings and/or criminal prosecution.

Further information on expected capabilities and standards of practice we consider essential to participate in the scheme is available on registered agent responsibilities.

Contact us

Registered agents who have had dealings with any persons currently under investigation or suspect other businesses have not been installing systems should contact the agency immediately at

Any information provided will be treated as confidential.

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