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Compliance and enforcement action taken in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

18 August 2017

An investigation conducted by the Clean Energy Regulator found that an individual, who was an unaccredited solar PV installer and unlicensed electrician, submitted false documentation to various Renewable Energy Certificate agents who relied on this information to create Small-scale Technology Certificates.

The installer has entered into an enforceable undertaking with the Clean Energy Regulator to take the necessary action to resolve this matter.

This undertaking to the Clean Energy Regulator is available on Enforceable undertakings, along with current and previous enforceable undertakings.

What are enforceable undertakings?

The Clean Energy Regulator may accept enforceable undertakings from scheme participants in cases to prevent or address serious non-compliance. Enforceable undertakings are written statements from a person or organisation that they will do, or refrain from doing, certain things in order to resolve detected contraventions or improve compliance with the legislation.

The Clean Energy Regulator takes into consideration a number of factors before agreeing to the offer of an enforceable undertaking. These factors include participant willingness and likelihood to comply with the undertaking, previous compliance history in the SRES and the proportionality of the outcome to the conduct that has, or is likely to occur.

For more information about our monitoring and enforcement powers, please refer to our compliance, education and enforcement policy.

We take compliance seriously

The Clean Energy Regulator takes fraud and deliberate non-compliance seriously and takes necessary action to ensure the integrity of the scheme. Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) participants who are involved in the installation of unapproved panels will be subject to enforcement action by the Clean Energy Regulator. We have a broad range of compliance and enforcement options, including suspension of registration and REC Registry accounts, enforceable undertakings and criminal or civil proceedings.

Contact us

Contact the SRES Compliance team if you have any concerns about the integrity of the SRES at Any information provided will be treated with confidentiality unless otherwise agreed.

Please note:

The Clean Energy Regulator is responsible for administering the Renewable Energy Target which includes incentives for installation of solar panel systems. Eligibility for those incentives includes some requirements over and above state and territory electrical safety laws, such as the electricians being accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for solar panel installations and the panels and inverter being on a list approved by the CEC. Consumer protection concerns related to solar panel system sales should be directed to the relevant state fair trading body or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Any concerns related to electrical safety should be directed to the relevant state or territory electrical safety body.

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