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Appendix E: Senior executive staff 2016–17

Ms Chloe Munro | Chair (1 July 2016 – 31 March 2017)

Chloe Munro

Our agency executive staff report to the Chair, who is the head of our agency and the ‘accountable authority’ as defined by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. For most of the reporting year, the Chair was Ms Chloe Munro.


Ms Jody Swirepik | Executive General Manager, Regulatory Obligation and Coordination

Jody Swirepik

Ms Swirepik has an extensive background in environmental management and regulation body. She joined our agency as an Executive General Manager in February 2015.

Ms Swirepik’s previous roles include Executive Director, Environmental Management Division of the Murray Darling Basin Authority, where she led water reform work in river basin planning and management. Her work on the Living Murray program was recognised with an Australian Government Public Service Medal. Prior to this, Ms Swirepik worked with the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority and in planning and regulatory roles for the ACT Government.

Ms Swirepik has honours and master’s level qualifications in applied science.

Ms Swirepik was acting Chair from 1 April to 1 July 2017.


Mr Mark Williamson | Executive General Manager, Scheme Entry and Entitlement

Mark Williamson

Mr Williamson joined the Clean Energy Regulator in August 2012, following an extensive career including senior executive roles in the private sector as well as state and local government.

He previously held a national commercial and technical role in an ASX 200 company and was Executive Director at the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, leading that agency’s regulatory operations across a diverse range of environmental legislation.

Mr Williamson has qualifications in applied science and post-graduate management qualifications.


Mr Chris Ramsden | Executive General Manager, Business Operations

Chris Ramsden

Mr Ramsden commenced as the Executive General Manager, Business Operations Division and Chief Financial Officer in September 2012.

Prior to this, he occupied senior finance positions in several government agencies including the Department of Health and Ageing, ComSuper, the Australian Taxation Office, and the (then) Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. His diverse public service career also spans operational law enforcement roles.

Mr Ramsden holds a business degree in accounting and finance and is a Fellow of the Certified Practising Accountants of Australia.


Mr Geoff Purvis-Smith | General Counsel

Geoff Purvis-Smith

Mr Purvis-Smith joined the Clean Energy Regulator as General Counsel in June 2012.

Mr Purvis-Smith has extensive experience as a regulatory lawyer, having worked in a number of Commonwealth agencies including the (then) Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Before joining the Australian Public Service, Mr Purvis-Smith was a private sector lawyer specialising in litigation, regulation and government.

Mr Purvis-Smith holds degrees in arts and law and a master’s degree in international law.

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