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Our strategic direction

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31 March 2017


The Clean Energy Regulator's strategic direction is what drives and shapes how we approach our work, what we want to achieve and how we will deliver it.

Our strategic direction is outlined in our purpose statement and objectives and our Corporate Plan.

For more information on our Government-prescribed direction and purpose, see the Clean Energy Regulator section of the portfolio budget statement, available on the Budget page.

What are we here to do?

We are here to accelerate carbon abatement for Australia.


  • Engaged, active and compliant clients
    • Participation in some parts of our schemes is voluntary. To be effective, the schemes need to attract and retain a strong base of clients who meet the requirements successfully and benefit from the schemes’ incentives. The schemes also impose obligations which must be met. We want our clients to be informed, capable and willing to comply.
  • Efficient and effective administration
    • As an agency operating for the public good we have an obligation to be efficient and effective. In response to the government’s deregulation agenda, we continuously look for ways of doing things more efficiently for us and our clients.
  • A trusted, relevant and ​expert institution
    • To address the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, the Clean Energy Regulator will need to operate for many years as a capable trusted agency, relied upon to make sound decisions based on excellent knowledge and data.
  • Secure and enduring regulatory infrastructure
    • Our changing policy environment and client base and the need to operate efficiently mean that we need resilient and adaptable long term processes and systems as well as reliable data.

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Strategies to achieve our objectives

  • Invest in knowing our clients and communicating with them in a way which meets their needs. Use client education and guidance materials to help potential clients understand how to participate in and comply with our schemes.
  • Use targeted enforcements to act as a deterrent to non-compliance. Ensure our activities assist our clients to self-select in only if they have adequate capacity and capability to meet the requirements and achieve the anticipated results.
  • Use risk-based and continuous improvement approaches to deploy agency resources to best effect. Maintain and enhance the skills and expertise of our people and encourage innovation.
  • Build and sustain the agency’s reputation and impact through sound stakeholder rela​tionships and partnerships, and authoritative data. Promote the value of our assets, the quality of our results and the strength of our capabilities.
  • Ensure our infrastructure is reliable, resilient and able to be reused in response to policy change. Protect the integrity and utility of the core elements of our schemes, including greenhouse and energy data, contracts, units and certificates.

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How will we know we are successful?

  • Our clients demonstrate high levels of voluntary compliance.
  • Our clients seek our advice and respect our decisions and high levels of participation across our voluntary schemes.
  • High quality administration of schemes.
  • We keep finding ways to reduce the burden for our clients.
  • We keep finding ways to reduce the costs administering our schemes.
  • Our knowledge and expertise is respected by our clients and stakeholders.
  • We are asked by Government to implement new schemes.
  • Our decisions are robust enough to withstand external scrutiny.
  • We are viewed by clients and government as central to ensuring Australia meets its abatement targets.
  • We are able to adapt and respond to a changing policy environment.
  • We have processes and systems that are reliable.

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Our values

We uphold the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct and are committed to:

  • Accountability
    • We serve the needs of the Australian public in a professional, responsible and accountable manner.
  • Integrity
    • We deal with each other, with our clients and other stakeholders on the basis of trust, understanding and respect for differing views and interests. We undertake to perform our duties in a fair and open manner.
  • Professionalism
    • We perform our tasks and produce our outputs to the best of our ability with optimum use of resources and with a focus on continuously improving quality, productivity and professional development.
  • Responsiveness
    • We endeavour to provide high quality information and services to our clients within reasonable timeframes.
  • Empowerment
    • Our staff have the training, information and resources required to respond to client needs. We value initiative, cooperation, innovation, communication, flexibility in our work and the quality of work life within our organisation.

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