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Work health and safety


The Clean Energy Regulator has developed a Work Health and Safety Management System to meet the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This system encompasses:

  • the Work Health and Safety Strategy and Policy
  • the policies, procedures and guidance instruments for the Clean Energy Regulator’s work health and safety consultation process
  • the Work Health and Safety Committee
  • the guidelines for the establishment of work groups and the role and appointment of Health and Safety Representatives
  • risk management
  • induction training.

The Senior Leadership Team pays close attention to health and safety in the Agency and considers a work health and safety report each month. In addition, the monthly performance report prepared for the Senior Leadership Team also includes a section on case management and workers compensation.

The Work Health and Safety Committee develops and monitors the Agency’s health, safety and wellbeing programs, providing a participatory approach to the prevention of work-related injury and illness. The committee meets at least quarterly and comprises seven elected Health and Safety Representatives and officers at the Australian Public Service and executive levels. The Agency has recognised two work groups for this purpose, namely workers in the Agency building and workers who work outside the Agency building.

Other important elements of the Clean Energy Regulator’s commitment to a safe working environment include:

  • identifying and training first aid officers—the Clean Energy Regulator has five qualified first aid officers and three fully equipped first aid rooms
  • maintaining the Workplace Harassment Contact Officer Network, which provides confidential support and information concerning bullying or harassment—three additional contact officers were trained in 2012–13, taking the total to five
  • offering counselling to all employees and their immediate family members through the Employee Assistance Program.

In 2012–13, members of the Work Health and Safety Committee received training from Comcare on Effective Work Health and Safety Committees and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. All Health and Safety Representatives completed the Comcare-approved Health and Safety Representative Training Course.

Health and wellbeing programs offered to all officers included information sessions and workshops on building resilience, mindfulness, and posture and flexibility.


During 2012–13, 17 non-notifiable incidents occurred within the Clean Energy Regulator. No notifiable incidents were required to be reported to Comcare. No directions or notices were given to the Clean Energy Regulator and no investigations were conducted.

Three workers compensation claims were lodged. One has been accepted by Comcare, one has been rejected by Comcare and one is awaiting a decision.

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