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Highlights of 2012–13

Objective 1

Ensure regulated entities are meeting their obligations, reporting correct information and receiving entitlements

We interacted with a wide variety of clients and stakeholders across all our schemes, including:

  • 377 liable entities under the carbon pricing mechanism
  • 99 industry assistance recipients
  • 833 corporations reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme
  • 95 liable entities and 379 accredited renewable energy power stations under the Renewable Energy Target
  • the proponents of 68 Carbon Farming Initiative projects.

Carbon pricing mechanism industry briefings, workshops and webinars were conducted throughout the year, particularly during the months before the progressive surrender deadline, to inform clients and stakeholders.

The Carbon Farming Initiative held 16 workshops in regional and metropolitan areas and three interactive webinars, which were collectively attended by more than 880 people.

Objective 2

Protect the integrity of the instruments (units)

We established strong working relationships with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies that have responsibilities under climate change law through the Heads of Commonwealth Operational Law Enforcement Agencies working group.

We developed new systems to meet legislative and client needs, including the Emissions and Energy Reporting System, the Client Portal and the Liability Management Module.

As a result of investigations, we accepted nine enforceable undertakings under the Renewable Energy Target and one under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme.

Objective 3

Administer schemes effectively

We saw numerous successes across all our schemes, including:

  • 100 per cent of carbon price liable entities with interim emissions numbers reported their emissions numbers on time and 99.74 per cent of their reported liability was acquitted by the progressive surrender deadline
  • we collected $3,630 million in carbon price revenue receipts with accrued revenue of $1,417 million due for collection in 2013–14
  • 68 carbon farming offsets projects were declared eligible under the Carbon Farming Initiative, and 22 established projects collectively prevented more than 1.75 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere
  • under the Renewable Energy Target, 32,469,166 small-scale technology certificates and 11,944,656 large-scale generation certificates were validated and the total number of accredited renewable energy power stations reached 379
  • we conducted 3,349 inspections of small-scale generation units, and observed an increase in the proportion of compliant systems relative to the overall results since the scheme commenced
  • under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme, 95 per cent of controlling corporations and reporting transfer certificate holders submitted reports of their emissions and energy by the legislated deadline.

Objective 4

Build confidence in the market and the Clean Energy Regulator

We issued more than 89 million free carbon units under the Jobs and Competitiveness Program to businesses conducting emissions-intensive trade-exposed activities, and 53 million were surrendered against a progressive liability.

Under the buy-back program, we bought back more than 30 million free carbon units, for a total of $706.6 million.

We have issued 1.75 million Australian Carbon Credit Units under seven approved Carbon Farming Initiative methodologies, of which 97.31 per cent were surrendered by entities liable under the carbon pricing mechanism.

Objective 5

Provide data and information to assist decision makers

To facilitate information sharing and streamline reporting, we signed eight memoranda of understanding with other Commonwealth, state and territory government agencies to share information under the Clean Energy Regulator Act 2011 and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007.

Under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Audit Framework, 218 audits were undertaken by 194 registered greenhouse and energy auditors.

Our website was regularly updated with reports and other information such as entries in the Liable Entities Public Information Database, quarterly reports on the total number of Australian Carbon Credit Units issued, quarterly reports about the issue of free carbon units, and greenhouse and energy information.

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