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Work health and safety


The Clean Energy Regulator is committed to protecting the health and safety of all its employees, contractors and visitors. It acknowledges its responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

During the reporting period, the Senior Leadership Team received an expert briefing on the obligations of the Clean Energy Regulator under the Act. The Senior Leadership Team agreed to establish a work health and safety framework which integrates work health and safety risk identification and management into everyday business processes and ensures that all staff are involved in assessing and minimising risks.

In 2012–13, work groups will be established and will have the opportunity to nominate and elect health and safety representatives. A whole-of-building work health and safety audit is also planned, to assist in the formulation of a work health and safety risk register.


The Clean Energy Regulator delivered wellbeing seminars that provided staff with information on managing day-to-day health and wellbeing issues at work and at home.

Information on work health and safety is included in the induction process for new staff. An electronic learning module on work health and safety was made available to staff during the reporting period and will be integrated into the induction process.

The Workplace Harassment Contact Officer Network, which provides confidential support and information to staff concerning behaviours such as bullying or harassment, was established. Training was provided for Workplace Harassment Contact Officers. Networks of fully qualified first aid officers and fire wardens were also established.

Staff are provided with information about setting up their workstations, and the Clean Energy Regulator provides workstation assessments for new staff and staff with reported health concerns. Table 5.1 shows the number of workstation assessments conducted during the reporting period.

Table 5.1: Workstation assessments in 2011–12

Reason for assessmentTotal
Ensuring correct set-up for staff desks25
Responding to initial reports from staff with pain and discomfort22
Preventing aggravation of existing injuries or responding to staff reporting ongoing pain or discomfort3


Eight incidents were reported between 2 April and 30 June 2012, one of which was required to be reported to Comcare. Early management of reported accidents and incidents helped to keep claim numbers low.

Two workers compensation claims were lodged; one was accepted by Comcare and one is pending decision.

The Comcare premium was 0.72 per cent of payroll. This was less than the overall Australian Public Service average payment of 1.77 per cent of payroll.

No directions were given to the Clean Energy Regulator and no notices were given. No investigations were conducted during the reporting period.

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