Our work

Schemes we administer

The Clean Energy Regulator was established on 2 April 2012 as an independent statutory authority by the Clean Energy Regulator Act 2011 as part of the Climate Change Portfolio.

We administer the carbon pricing mechanism, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme, the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

These schemes work together to encourage business competiveness and reduce emissions.

Information collected through the NGER scheme helps assess liability under the carbon pricing mechanism, which applies to Australia’s biggest emitters. The RET provides a financial incentive for investment in renewable energy sources through the creation and sale of certificates. The CFI allows land managers to earn carbon credits which can then be sold to those wishing to offset their emissions.

We also track ownership and location of units or certificates issued under these schemes, and under the Kyoto Protocol, through the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU) and the REC Registry​.

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Our responsibilities

The Clean Energy Regulator incorporates the functions previously held by the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator, the Carbon Farming Initiative Administrator and the Greenhouse and Energy Data Officer.

Our responsibilities include:

  • providing education on the carbon pricing mechanism and how it works
  • assessing emissions data to determine each emitting entity's liability
  • operating an emissions unit registry
  • monitoring, facilitating and enforcing compliance with the carbon pricing mechanism
  • allocating units, including freely allocated units, fixed price units and auctioned units
  • administering the NGER scheme, RET and CFI
  • accrediting auditors for the CFI, the carbon pricing mechanism and the NGER scheme, and
  • working with other national law enforcement and regulatory bodies, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

The term Clean Energy Regulator refers to both the body corporate whose membership comprises the Chair and four other members (see governance, accountability and reporting) and the public service agency that supports the Clean Energy Regulator in the performance of its responsibilities (see corporate structure).

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Our strategic direction and intended outcome

We administer the carbon pricing mechanism, the NGER scheme, RET, CFI and ANREU.

We work with our stakeholders and clients including Australian Government departments and agencies, industry bodies, liable entities and the community to provide regulatory services of the highest standard.

Our intended outcome is to contribute to a reduction in Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions, through the administration of a carbon price on liable emissions intensive businesses and other entities; promoting additional renewable electricity generation; and approving CFI projects to support carbon abatement.

For more information, see our Portfolio Budget Statements, available on the Budget page.​

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